Thursday, March 31, 2016

The myth and fact about black woman with curly hair

Besthairtreatment - If you are a women with exotic skin and having hair is naturally curly, kinky, coiled or wavy, you will always have probably heard of the following myths. But don't be afraid, below we also want to explain the fact about that myths.

Myth 1: Black women can't grow long hair:

The Truth : Black women can most certainly grow long hair! The only challenge is that in the past we had put our hair through a lot of stress that had caused our locks to suffer. Hair dryers, relaxers, harsh chemicals, heat, lack of moisture, over shampooing, over manipulation, etc, have all lead to breakage. These days we are now learning that through proper hydration and hair care, we CANgrow our hair long!

Myth 2: Water and conditioning too often can dry out natural hair:

The Truth : This myth has made many of us deprive our hair of the most crucial nutrient i.e. water. Curls, kinks and waves thrive the most when your hair care regimen is focused towards hydration. Water helps to enhance the hair's elasticity, reduce its breakage and improve curls.

Myth 3: Oil can moisturize natural hair:

The Truth : Oil is good for hair, but it is not a moisturizer!
Moisture is hydration, which can be obtained with water as well as water-based products. Oils are lubricants and sealants that can trap moisture in the hair and prevent its depletion. Using oil alone as a moisturizer will only cause dryness over a period of time. Regardless of the fact that many hair product companies promote their remarkable "moisturizing oils" - oil alone as a moisturizer is a myth.
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