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The importance of Water and Hydration for Coily and curly textured hair

Besthairtreatment - We all know the importance of Hydration, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Coily and curly textured hair has the tendency to become dryer more easily than most. It can often require more effort in order to keep our hair moisturized and prevent over drying and breakage. It’s no surprise that breakage hinders hair growth. However, hair problems and dry scalp are also attributed to heat and chemical treatments, so it is imperative that you know how to keep your hair well oiled and hydrated in order to prevent overdrying and breakage.

Water and Hydration Facts for healthy hair

An important key to healthy, beautiful, shiny and long hair is hydration. A Sufficient amount of water plays a major role in allowing the hair to grow long and fast. Dehydration can make you feel tired but it can also cause drying of your hair shaft and scalp and ultimately cause split ends and hair breakage. Your hair follicles require ample nutrients in order to produce healthy hair and water is an essential nutrient. By drinking water in the right quantity, you can supply nutrients to your scalp and promote rapid hair growth. 8 -12 glasses per day is the average.

beautyfull girl with Healthy black and long hair
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A very important element of hydration is making sure to keep you hair and ends hydrated. The ONLY way to truly hydrate our hair is with water. It is very important that before applying your leave in conditioner or oils that you make sure that your hair is moisturized with water. 

Hydrating your hair with water and following with an oil will help to lock in moisture throughout the day. Another way to retain your hair's moisture is to avoid washing your hair every day. Regardless of how gentle the shampoo is, the very act of washing the hair strips natural oils from your hair and can cause breakage and dryness. Many shampoos also include petroleum, sulfate, alcohol and mineral oil that are very drying to the hair.
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