Friday, April 1, 2016

Greenhouse effect as the effective way to boosting your hair growth

Besthairtreatment - Another great method for locking in moisture is the Greenhouse Effect. This is a natural and effective way of boosting hair growth due to the fact that it allows the hair to retain moisture more efficiently. The steam effect created penetrates into the scalp to increase the average growth rate

This method should be done at night. The idea behind this method is that by creating warmth and moisture on your scalp, you are also creating the perfect atmosphere to open pores and follicles which allow for growth.

Steps for performing to get the greenhouse effect:

Step 1: Spray you hair with water until slightly damp.

Step 2: place your hair in a bun, ponytail or braids.

Step 3: Place a plastic cap over your head. To increase the effect add a scarf or additional plastic bags to increase the warmth.

Step 4: Leave your hair covered overnight or leave on for an extended period of time. This will create a green house steam effect in your hair.

Step 5: In the morning, remove the cap and allow your hair to dry naturally or blow dry on a cool setting

Step 6: moisturize, seal and style your hair as usual.

When performing this method, sometimes it's best to avoid using oils to allow for the pores to be open and prevent blockage.

Shark-Shower-Cap-to make greenhouse effect to smoothing your hair

How often should this method be performed?

2 times a week should work well. Anymore than that and it is possible that it may weaken the hair and cause breakage. If you experience any unusual breakage due to performing this method, you should discontinue immediately.

Refrain from wearing hats, if possible, as they absorb the natural oil from your scalp and prevent it from hydrating or moisturizing your hair. Flat irons, blow dryers and other similar heated hair tools can lead to dry hair that eventually becomes brittle and causes breakage. It is advisable to avoid blow drying the hair on high heat altogether. If you must blow dry your hair, use a cool setting.
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